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Accordions: The Lost Sound of Americana

One of the main priorities of the New England Accordion Connection & Museum Company is to keep the spirit of the accordion and its influence alive. Through more events, an expanded location, and more opportunities for others in the accordion community, NEACMC is devoted to preserving the accordion and its influence as part of Americana.

From accordionists to the craftsman who build them – if you have a trade within the accordion industry, we would love to feature you on our website. We are looking to spread awareness of the accordion and its impact on our culture and to make it possible for accordion enthusiasts to connect with professionals in the industry.

If you are involved with the accordion industry and would like to be featured in our accordion community section – please feel free to contact us about your services and we would be happy to feature you – (860) 833-1374.

Meet the Accordion Community

Emilio Accordions

Emilio Accordions is a local accordion dealer in the New England area. Buy new or used accordions, along with a variety of accordion accessories. Emilio Accordions also provides accordion repairs and customization. Learn more about Emilio Accordions by clicking below.

American Accordionists’ Association

The American Accordionists’ Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1938 that promotes unity within the accordion community. The New England Accordion Museum supports the AAA – learn more about this organization by clicking below.


The Connecticut Accordion Association

The New England Accordion Connection & Museum Company supports the CAA. Please check out their website and consider becoming a supporting member